Throwback Thursday Puzzle

Hello everyone – I thought be fun to do an occasional Throwback Thursday on this blog and highlight some of the older puzzles hiding in the puzzles tab.

Here for example is Mini-Crostic 1 – can you solve it to discover a quote from a famous TV personality. The name of the author will spell out from the initial letters in the answers.


Happy Puzzling


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A Special Deal for National Puzzle Day!


Hey folks – Happy National Puzzle Day!

Here’s your chance to pick up a signed paperback copy of Paws 4 Logic (signed by both me and Joey) with shipping for just $9.99.

Price is valid in the US. If you’re somewhere else (on planet Earth – unfortunately interstellar mail has not been fully developed yet) shoot me a message and I’ll see what I can do.

Otherwise click this handy dandy Paypal button to order your copy.

Buy Now Button

All paperback purchases include a code for a free PDF version of the book.

But what if you only want a PDF copy? I can do that too for just $3.99 (and this offer is available all over the globe!)

Buy Now Button

Want to try a sample puzzle?

In this puzzle five students are bringing their pets into the classroom for Show and Tell. Can you work out who brought each pet? Download the puzzle as a PDF.

Show And Tell


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Puzzles for Progress


It’s Inauguration Day and I’m working in McDonald’s test-solving a puzzle. CNN is on and I’m trying not to look at the screen, but in the corner of my eye I see the words “President Trump sworn in.” I shudder. It has started  and I’m scared for what the future will bring for America and the world.

I walk back home and my Facebook newsfeed is filled with reactions and this from Francis Heaney. Puzzles for Progress is a collection of puzzles from some of the best constructors in the business. You can pick up a copy by donating $10 to a number of progressive charities.

Click here to find out how.

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Umbrae – Cover Reveal!

Cover Reveal for Umbrae (P.A.W.S. 3) – now on preorder.


It’s here and it’s beautiful! The long awaited cover of Umbrae (The P.A.W.S. Saga, Part 3) created by the ever awesome Rachel Bostwick.


So what’s it about?

Step into the Shadows of Umbrae …

Miri’s world at P.A.W.S. in St. Louis is falling apart. First, Danny is accused of stealing her opapa’s charm. But before he can defend himself, he mysteriously disappears. Miri seeks Josh for help and advice, but he too has gone missing.

Then Lilith has a vision – Miri dragged away by wolves. Miri needs answers, answers that she feels sure are hidden in the blank pages of the book of Argentum.

With the help of Lilith, she travels to the ancient city of Safed. There, with the aid of a mystical rabbi and an outspoken werecat, her omama’s story is slowly revealed. And Miri uncovers something else, a world hidden deep beneath our own –…

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Friday Fiction with a Puzzle Twist!


Beatrice Bumsqueak is the toad animagus that acts as the Healer in the P.A.W.S. Institute of the Midwest. She is also an avid crossword enthusiast. Here’s a little sampling of a scene in Umbrae, the upcoming third installment of the P.A.W.S. Saga that will be available in March.


“What was that?” Beatrice Bumsqueak woke with a start. She swore she’d heard something. It had sounded like a scream or a chuckle. She glanced over at the baby sleeping peacefully in his crib. It must be the full moon. The wolf pack outside were becoming rambunctious again. She wished Josh would return. He’d always kept them in line, but he’d been gone for two months and the wolves were roving into residential areas. One of them had been hurt when a trigger-happy resident had exercised his right to defend himself and shot the poor wolf in the leg. The healer had worked hard to remove the bullet the next morning.

Andrew had been trying to take control of the pack but with little success. Beatrice sighed. She didn’t think she’d get anymore sleep tonight. She switched on the light and picked up the paper from her bedside table and turned to the crossword. Maybe a puzzle would help to pass the time.

That was odd. She didn’t think this puzzle was supposed to have a theme, yet the fifteen letter entry running along the center of the grid seemed to be without a clue. Beatrice, an expert solver, filled in the answers to the rest of the clues. When she was finished, she gasped. Spelled across the center of the puzzle were the words: ALISTAIR WATCHES.

No, it’s just a coincidence. Beatrice glanced over at Ryan. The boy had opened his eyes and was staring at her in complete silence. Wasn’t he supposed to cry if he woke? Shouldn’t he be cranky and need to be comforted? But this was not a normal baby. This was the baby that had torn himself out of Jenna’s frail lupine form. Had torn his mother apart on the day of his birth. Was it possible that the soul of Alistair still dwelt inside him? What would happen when he was no longer a baby?

Ryan’s eyes were blue like his father’s. And yes, they were watching Beatrice.


Pick up books 1 and 2 of P.A.W.S. today on Kindle for less than $5!


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Argentum – 99 cents/99p sale!

Book 2 of the P.A.W.S. Saga – Argentum – is on sale this week for just 99 cents/99p if anyone would like a copy.


Hey everyone! Thanks so much to all who picked up a copy of P.A.W.S. during my birthday sale last week. I hope you enjoy my story and if you do please consider leaving a review on Amazon or Goodreads.

And now I have a new offer for you. Book 2 of the P.A.W.S. Saga, Argentum is on sale this week for just 99 cents. That way you can read both books before book 3, Umbrae comes out in March.

Argentum is the threat that binds all magic …
The silver of Miri’s cat charm passed on through the generations.
The silver of Jessamyn’s scepter, the source of her illusions.
The silver of Quentin’s scrying bowl, forged by Merlin.
All intertwine in Argentum.

With Alistair gone a measure of peace returns to P.A.W.S., but Miri is tormented by nightmares. The silver charm that had recently hung around Alistair’s neck is now…

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A Birthday, a Snippet, and a Sale!

It’s my birthday!



Hey everybody, today is my birthday! Tonight I get to eat a birthday cheesecake with my family and on Saturday I’m going to visit the local cat cafe, Mauhaus. I supported this cafe run by a local shelter in their Kickstarter and am so happy to finally get to go there. And of course I’ll share pictures here of the kitties next week.

In the meantime here’s a sneak peak …


But wait, there’s more! Yesterday marked a huge accomplishment for me – drum roll please! – I finished the first draft of P.A.W.S. 4 and even gave it a name. So this is a title reveal P.A.W.S. 4 will be called Londinium.

Want to read a snippet? Of course you do!

“The pea soup has spoken,” said Caradog. “You are destined for Londinium.”

“Londinium?” asked Miri.

“It was the ancient city from which London sprang. The P.A.W.S. Institute…

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