Hi folks – been a while since I posted a new puzzle.

So here goes! This is a little connections puzzle deemed too difficult for the folks over at Penny Press, but I know that you guys are up for the challenge!

Download the PDF here:



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Puzzling from A to Z – The Zoo Zone!


And now we come to the letter Z – phew it’s been a long and puzzling ride. Which was your favorite puzzle? I’d love to hear!

We end the month with a final contest – a scavenger hunt so to speak.

There’s been a break out at Zeberdee’s Zoo – and all the animals are hiding in the A to Z posts in Paws 4 Puzzles. How many can you round up?

Trace your way back through the puzzles and jot down any animals you find – then send me your list via Contact Me. The person who sends me the longest list will win either an ebook of P.A.W.S. or a PDF copy of Paws 4 Logic.

So happy searching – and let’s get Zeberdee his animals back.

Oh and here’s a ZO to get you started.


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Puzzling from A to Z – Y not?


Almost home. Today for our cryptic lovers. I present another mini-cryptic puzzle.

Can you fill the answers into the grid below? The clues are listed in alphabetical order.



Come back tomorrow for the answers and the final letter of the month!

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Puzzling from A to Z – An Xword!


Hello folks and welcome to X day – and what do we have today? But an X-word (Crossword) of course.

I hope you enjoy this – click on the gentleman below for the grid and clues. You can either solve online or download a PDF to print out.


Come back tomorrow to meet the letter Y.

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Puzzling from A to Z -Hidden Ws!


Here is a Wonderful and Wacky Wordseek in a Wine bottle in honor of the letter W.

But Wait there’s more. Hidden in the left over letters in this wordseek is a phrase from one of my novels in the P.A.W.S. series. Send that phrase to me via Contact Me and I’ll send you an ebook of my upcoming release, Tea and Dark Chocolate. Tell me which book the phrase is from and I’ll mail you a couple of signed P.A.W.S. bookmarks.

Click on the grid to solve on line or print out a PDF.

Wine wordseek

All the words in this wordseek can be found in my upcoming collection Tea and Dark Chocolate. Preorder your copy today.

And now here are Vernon’s favorite Vocabulary words from yesterday’s puzzle:

Vernon the Velociraptor Solution

Tea (3)

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Puzzling from A to Z – Vernon the Velociraptor


The theme of this puzzle was originally suggested by Rebecca Green. Thanks to Rebecca and to everyone who entered a suggestion or voted in the poll. Now on to the puzzle.

Vernon the Velociraptor is very proud of his Vocabulary.  Unfortunately  Vernon’s Vocabulary only consists of words that can be spelled out of the letters in the word VELOCIRAPTOR. How many of Vernon’s favorite’s words can you discover?

Raptor Clipart Doodleblob

  1. Vernon’s favorite philosopher  (8)
  2. What Vernon uses to make his morning java  (10)
  3. The two ranks Vernon reached when was in the Army (7) and (8)
  4. Vernon’s favorite temperature (8)
  5. Vernon’s favorite garment (8)
  6.  The place Vernon would most like to visit in Washington DC (7)
  7. Vernon’s favorite fruit (7)
  8. Vernon’s dog’s name (5)


Now it’s your turn can you come up with some clues for Vernon’s favorite things. Post your clues in the comments and I’ll see if I can answer them!

And now here is the answer to yesterday’s U puzzle:

U-fill solution


See you tomorrow when we’ll meet the letter W!


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Puzzling from A to Z – U-fill


Welcome to the letter U. Today I present a special fill-in puzzle just for U. In fact all the entries contain the letter U. Can U solve it?

Download the PDF here!



Happy solving. Come back tomorrow for the solution and to Visit with the letter V.

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