Wednesdays with Yuri

Hi folks. Happy Wednesday and here is another amazing maze from Yuri Shamne. In this one can you guide the kids through the labyrinth to the fish in the pond?

Downhill. Labyrinth

Check out Yuri’s previous puzzles here.


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Chanukah Puzzle Hunt – Winner and Solutions!


Hi Everyone, sorry this has taken awhile, but I’m happy to announce that the solutions of the Musical Chanukah Puzzle Hunt are now available here:


This is also where you can pick up all the puzzles to try in case you didn’t get a chance over the holidays.

Also announcing the grand prize winner who was the first (other than Joey) to solve the hunt – JUSTIN KALEF – Mazel Tov to Justin and I hope you enjoy your signed copy of PAWS 4 LOGIC.

Happy Puzzling Everyone!

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232. Mouse Calendar 2019

Patrick Merrell’s annual mouse calendar. Free to download.

Pat Tricks

The mouse calendar tradition continues, this year setting a record for the fewest number of mice ever: 11. That’s not even one mouse per month.

Feel free to download and print this useful item in either refrigerator and bread box size. As always, it’s color-free to spare your printer.

Refrigerator size: DOWNLOAD PDF
Bread box size: DOWNLOAD PDF


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A Lifelong Love of Crosswords


“She would always do her Sudoku in the paper.” So said the social worker when I was picking up the meager possessions of my recently departed mother.

I tried not to roll my eyes. My mother would never have solved a Sudoku, ever. But she did like to solve the crossword every day in the Jerusalem Post. She would doggedly scratch in the answers and shake her head at her scribbles. Not the neat tidy handwriting she’d had throughout most of her life, but barely legible letters.

You see back in 2010 my mum had had a stroke and could barely use her right hand. The stroke had killed her ability to play the piano and had threatened to take away her love for crosswords. But my mother was determined not to let that happen.

Every day she would open the paper, pick up the pen with her left hand, and attempt to fill in the squares. With letters, always letters, never numbers – and definitely not Sudoku!


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Wednesdays with Yuri

Hey folks, it’s Wednesday and that means another occasional picture puzzle from Yuri Shamne. It’s almost Christmas – can you help Santa bring his bag of presents through the maze to its spot under the waiting Christmas tree?


Labyrinth Snowflake



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My 2018 Year of Books

My annual year in books. (And last chance to get in your answers to the puzzle hunt. For those who don’t know my mother passed away a few weeks ago so I’ve been traveling so for this reason I’m extended the deadline for the hunt by one week.)


Hi everyone, it’s that time again, when I give a shout out to some of the awesome books I read in the last year. This year was a nice mix of trad authors and indies. So here in no particular order are my favorite books of 2019 along with links to my reviews of each of them on Goodreads.

I started my year whizzing through an awesome face-paced urban fantasy series by Rose Montague. These three books, Jade, Jane and Jill feature three kick-ass women.

Pick up the whole series on Amazon.

30207573  30208150  33306597

Next up are three fantasies from three of my favorite indie authors, Fiona Skye, Jen Ponce, and E.A. Copen

The Magpie’s Daughter is a YA fantasy set in the same world as Skye’s Revelations series It’s awesome to revisit her world. And of course it has yummy recipes at the back.

World Weaver by Jen Ponce…

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A Musical Meta Puzzle – Day 8

So we are finally there? Have you solved all the puzzles and kept all your answers? If you haven’t feel free to scroll back through the week and catch up on the puzzles you missed. You’ll need ALL the answers to solve today’s meta puzzle and for a chance to win a prize.

Here’s a final PDF on which you can record all your previous answers, but not you don’t need this file to work out the final answer — any sheet of paper will do, but this might help.



Got the answer? Send it to me. The first person to send in the correct answer will win a signed paperback copy of Paws 4 Logic or if you prefer one of my short collections of stories, Tea and Dark Chocolate, Will There Be Watermelons on Mars? or Tales from P.A.W.S.

All other correct entries received by the end of December 2018 will win either a PDF of Paws for Logic or an ebook or audio book of one of the short story titles. Your choice.

Send me your answers via the Contact Me form and this is also the spot to ask me for hints if any of the puzzles are eluding you.

Please do not post answers or questions as comments on this or any of the puzzle pages. We don’t want to spoil it for anyone.

I hope you had a good week of puzzles. Happy Holidays from Paws 4 Puzzles.


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