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Puzzles & Prompts

As many of you know, I am both a writer and a puzzler, thus when I came across this book series I adored the idea. The author Adeena Mignogna (AKA Crazy Robot) publishes word seek books that also act as … Continue reading

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An Ex in the Puzzle by Louise Foster

Hey folks, one of the most fun recent projects I worked on was with mystery writer, Louise Foster. I met Louise originally at Archon, a local science fiction convention which I attend every year as a writer, puzzler and fan. … Continue reading

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Step On Board the Puzzle Train

The most popular TV game show ever, Puzzle Train, has Tom hooked. Obsessed. Every week, he watches as the adults fail to complete the unseen Conductor’s puzzles. Every week at school he debates the Conductor’s identity with best friend, Isabelle. … Continue reading

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Cryptic Definitions about Life, the Universe and Everything – Answers and Winners

Hi everyone, I hope you had a good week. Here are the answers to the 42 Cryptic Definition clues set last week by Sanket. Please note that by nature cryptic definition clues can sometimes lead to multiple valid solves, so … Continue reading

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Cryptic Definitions: The Soul of Cryptic Crosswords by Sanket Shrivastava

Hello everyone, today Paws 4 Puzzles is happy to host Sanket Shrivastava who is going to explain to us a little about Cryptic Definitions in Cryptic Crosswords. You can find out more about Sanket over at his Puzzler’s Wednesday interview. … Continue reading

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Now Me! A Cryptic Crossword for Women’s Day

Hey Everyone, sorry I haven’t posted for a while. Today is International Women’s Day and to celebrate a group of wonderful women setters headed up by Sowmya Ramkumar have put together a community cryptic crossword. For more about the puzzle … Continue reading

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Archon Puzzlers and Enraged Plutonians!

Joey and I just got back from Archon, St. Louis, an awesome annual sci-fi convention. During the weekend we played games, sold books and participated in panels — all oodles of fun BUT the best of all was at 4:00 … Continue reading

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Cryptic Crossroads – Volume 2

What use is a book of crosswords that you can’t carry with you to solve when you are waiting in lines at the Doctor’s office, travelling by tube or metro or on a flight? What if you can not only … Continue reading

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Wednesdays with Yuri

Hi folks. Happy Wednesday and here is another amazing maze from Yuri Shamne. In this one can you guide the kids through the labyrinth to the fish in the pond? Check out Yuri’s previous puzzles here.

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A Musical Meta Puzzle – Day 8

So we are finally there? Have you solved all the puzzles and kept all your answers? If you haven’t feel free to scroll back through the week and catch up on the puzzles you missed. You’ll need ALL the answers … Continue reading

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