Puzzles 4 Kids

Welcome to my new Paws4Puzzles Kids page!


Let the fun begin!

New – a Quiz – Which Paws Animal Would You Be?


And Still Looking for Monkey Jokes!

Ian the Chimp is very fond of monkey jokes – and his looking for some new ones to add to his repertoire. Do you know some? If you do please fill out the form below and send them to Ian. The best jokes will be highlighted on this page, and may even end up inside a future book in the P.A.W.S. series.

Visit Ian on his own page here!

NEW – PAWS for Sudoku – can you find the P.A.W.S. character hiding in this puzzle?



Here’s a new interactive P.A.W.S. Word Seek



The Great Chanukah Hunt was created originally for my son Joey.

Joey loves puzzles and also loves the Eateria games at Flipline Studios.

So the hunt was based on those games. The contest is over, but all the puzzles and their solutions are available here.

For those of you who have never solved a puzzle hunt before here’s how it works. Each of the first seven puzzles lead to an answer (we call it a meta answer). You’ll need all of these answers to fit into puzzle 8. Although the contest is over if you’d like to send me your answer along with a comment I will send you back a special puzzle surprise. Happy Puzzling!


Puzzle 1- The Pizzeria                        Solution – Day 1


Puzzle 2- The Burgeria                      Solution – Day 2


Puzzle 3 – The Taco Mia                    Solution – Day 3


Puzzle 4- The Freezeria                    Solution – Day 4


Puzzle 5 – The Pancakeria               Solution – Day 5


Puzzle 6 – The Wingeria                    Solution – Day 6


Puzzle 7 – The Hot Doggeria          Solution – Day 7

The answers from puzzles 1 through 7 fit into puzzle 8, which is the meta puzzle.


Puzzle 8 – The Cupcakeria              Solution – Day 8


Puzzle 9 – The Pastaria – a bonus puzzle – not linked to the others in this hunt.      Solution – Day 9

More Puzzle Fun!




St. Louis Word Seek


Easter Eggs


Shamrock puzzle


A Bunch of Flowers

If you have enjoyed these puzzles please consider making a small donation to keep the puzzles coming.

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Do you need a hint or a solution? Do you have any questions about the puzzles or puzzle making? Do you have a special puzzle you’d like me to make especially for you? Or would you like me to visit your school, scout troop or event. Send me a message and I’ll get right back to you.

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