A Very Musical Hunt – Puzzle Hunt from Chanukah 2018

Here are all the puzzles and solutions from A VERY MUSICAL HUNT. This puzzle hunt was first published on this blog on Chanukah 2018 and was created as a present for my son, Joey. The puzzles can be solved in any order, but answers to all 7 of the puzzles are needed to solve the final meta puzzle.

HAMILTON                                              Puzzle               Solution

KING AND I                                             Puzzle               Solution

ANASTASIA                                             Puzzle               Solution

WICKED                                                  Puzzle               Solution

PHANTOM OF THE OPERA                 Puzzle               Solution

SWEENEY TODD                                    Puzzle               Solution

CAROUSEL                                              Puzzle               Solution

Now take all your meta answers together and use this handy dandy sheet to solve the final puzzle. – META PUZZLE SHEET

Want to check your final answer? Here it is! – META ANSWER WITH EXPLANATION.

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