Puzzler’s Wednesday – The Story So Far!


Hi folks – I hope you’ve been enjoying our Puzzler’s Wednesday series and we have a number of interviews lined up for the weeks to come.

Today however I thought it might be an idea to look back on the interviews you may have missed. So here is a link to all of them so far.

Also if any puzzler out there – either a setter or a solver or both would like to featured on this blog, please send me a note.

Thank you and happy puzzling,


About paws4puzzles

I'm a writer and puzzle maker. I am the author of a YA fantasy series, P.A.W.S. and my puzzles have been published in many magazines from Dell and Penny Press and on the walls of the Eltana cafe in Seattle. My most recent release is a book of logic problems, Paws4Logic which I wrote together with my son, Joey.
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