Writers in the Park – a group categories puzzle

Yesterday I was privileged to spend an hour with the talented up and coming writers and puzzlers. I ran a puzzle workshop at St. Louis Writer’s Guild annual Writers in the Park event.

To begin the event the group created a community categories puzzle and here it is. Using the initial letters from the wolf can you fit in one answer for each category?


Here’s a link to the answers the group chose – yours may differ.

Categories in the Park answers

If you would like me to come to your classroom, scout troop, homeschool group or anything else, let me know. I run puzzle making workshops and puzzle hunts.

About paws4puzzles

I'm a writer and puzzle maker. I am the author of a YA fantasy series, P.A.W.S. and my puzzles have been published in many magazines from Dell and Penny Press and on the walls of the Eltana cafe in Seattle. My most recent release is a book of logic problems, Paws4Logic which I wrote together with my son, Joey.
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