Blogging from A to Z – Day 3 – Cryptic Clues


As some folks here know I grew up in England, so from a fairly young age I started trying to decode the mysteries of the cryptic crossword. Cryptics follow a distinct of rules that may be daunting to new solvers, but once mastered there is nothing more satisfying than that aha moment when you finally get the answer.

If you would like to learn how to solve cryptics. Here is a good place to start:



Here are a few of my own cryptic puzzles:

And Then There Were Eight – this was my first cryptic published in the Enigma (magazine of the National Puzzlers’ League).

Here is a little Cryptic Cone puzzle.

And we as approach Passover, here’s a little cryptic I wrote for Passover 2013.

But wait, there’s more. Everyday on Facebook hundreds of folk from around the globe fritter their hours away by setting and solving cryptic clues for each other in Facebook’s Cryptic Crossword Society – come join us!

Often times cryptic clues are based on puns – so here’s a BroCollie and a Collieflower – enjoy!

BrocCollie and Collieflower

About paws4puzzles

I'm a writer and puzzle maker. I am the author of a YA fantasy series, P.A.W.S. and my puzzles have been published in many magazines from Dell and Penny Press and on the walls of the Eltana cafe in Seattle. My most recent release is a book of logic problems, Paws4Logic which I wrote together with my son, Joey.
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6 Responses to Blogging from A to Z – Day 3 – Cryptic Clues

  1. I love crosswords, but I’ve never tried one of these. Definitely going to give it a go. Thanks for enlightening me!!!
    Stopping by from the A to Z Challenge.


  2. I’m more of a fan of Sudoku than crosswords myself. Strange for someone who deals in words so much… Sudoku appeals to my logic.

    An A to Z Challenge Participant


  3. Alex Hurst says:

    I’m with Ciara… I love, love, love Sudoku, but crosswords are more stress than relaxation for me. It’s funny, though, when my Japanese students come in with English crosswords and have me help them solve the missing words. …Maybe I need to give crosswords another chance. I’ll be checking these out, thanks. 🙂

    Alex Hurst, fantasy author in Japan, participating in Blogging A-Z April Challenge.


  4. zoe says:

    you are so write about the aha moment! I love the veggie dogs!!!!


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